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think that troops should be sent back into iraq? >> i absolutely do not think we need to send troops back to iraq. we have done our job in iraq in the military sense. i mean engagement diplomatically and engagement with the people of iraq. iraq has very troublesome neighbors. a successful iraq has the potential to change the face of the middle east. our engagement should be deep, but it should be political, diplomatic and social and economic. >> belva: how do you think the rise of china will or does have an effect on the health of california? >> the rise of china as an economic power is one of the major stories of the late 20th and 21st century. i was in china in 1988 in beijing. the streets of beijing were a competition between a few horse carts and automobiles and a lot of bicycles. that is not the china of today. it has been an economic miracle. china, it can be an economic miracle which is good for the international economy. we should be able to have the chinese have freer trade to have exports into china. we need robust chinese economic growth to fuel the international economy.
, will explain what he did to move away from -- again we were on the precipice of great depression, the iraq war, i think the american people know that we have a tough economy, largely what the republican convention last week was, was hiding their own agenda, a bunch of platitudes and angry insults. people know that we have a tough economy. they want to know how we're going to move forward. we have energized near colorado, here, great volunteers, we're beginning to see great rental strigs. we think we'll be able to build the kind of excitement on the ground to win this election. particularly for the middle class voters in this country, who do you trust to make economic decisions with you at the core? and mitt romney is clearly going to make every decision through the prism of he believes, if people like him get a huge tax break, somehow that's going to trickle down to everyone else. >> another big economic decision that people will have to make is about medicare. medicare has been a winner for democrats. in his convention speech, paul ryan signaled to suggest that the republicans weren't going t
in another war, the war in iraq. the human cost and the extraordinary heroism of this war, it surrounds us. it surrounds us in our cities and our towns. and we'll win this war because of the strength and courage of our own people. some of our friends and neighbors, they saw their last images in baghdad. some took their last steps outside of fallujah. some buttoned their uniform for the last time before they went out and saved their unit. men and women who used to take care of themselves, they now count on others to see them through the day. they need their mother to tie their shoe, their husband to brush their hair, their wife's arm to help them across the room. the stars and stripes wave for them. the word "hero" was made for them. they are the best and the bravest. and they will never be left behind. [cheers and applause] [chanting "u.s.a.!" ] you understand that. and they deserve a president who understands that on the most personal level what they've gone through, what they've given and what they've given up for their country. to us, the real test of patriotism is how we treat the men
reason i am standing here tonight. because in the faces of those young veterans who come back from iraq and afghanistan, i see my grandfather, who signed up after pearl harbor, marched in patton's army, and was rewarded by a grateful nation with the chance to go to college on the gi bill. in the face of that young student who sleeps just three hours before working the night shift, i think about my mom, who raised my sister and me on her own while she worked and earned her degree; who once turned to food stamps but was still able to send us to the best schools in the country with the help of student loans and scholarships. when i listen to another worker tell me that his factory has shut down, i remember all those men and women on the south side of chicago who i stood by and fought for two decades ago after the local steel plant closed. and when i hear a woman talk about the difficulties of starting her own business, i think about my grandmother, who worked her way up from the secretarial pool to middle-management, despite years of being passed over for promotions because she was a woman
since 2008. two tours of duty in iraq, in n since last september. we are -- they are fighting for our country and why we are here. on monday, he will be coming home. base, a air force procession will make its along route 2. it's good to remember the guys that sacrificed and gave our country. r >> residents are being to line up along the american flight to honor his passing. >> come out and show respect for they're doing and their sacrifice. the procession is expected to way to route to between 9:00 and 10:00 on monday morning. there will be a funeral service wednesday. fullll be buried with military honors at arlington national cemetery. >> taking a look at stories news across the country video out of oregon goes up in flames. k at the scene this morning in portland as crews this massive fire. firefighters brought in trucks to douse the flames. hotel has been vacant since was used for storage, which is why officials contributed to the spread of the fire. crews expect the building will smoldering for the next couple of days. no one was injured. as much rain as we have hours, thee last
a shout out to the troops overseas serving. my brother was in the first iraq war and certainly that's something i was thinking about and i know a lot of other people were as well. >> so does that suggest they don't really want to talk about afghanistan? do you think you are seeing that from the democrats, because troops are coming home, jeff? >> i don't think it's a concession at all. we have a limited amount of time. the number one issue is jobs and the economy. that's what mitt romney has made this campaign about which i think is exactly the right thing to do and that's what they stay focused on. if you saw the theme it was about jobs, about the economy, and about president obama's record or lack thereof on job improvements. okay, how does the president thread the needle of talking about afghanistan without appearing to be driving the focus away from the bad economy? >> i think two things. first, i think most people understand that the job is multifaceted. it's not like mitt romney didn't bring up foreign issues, he brought up cuba, russia, a lot of places without talking about af
of this month. you know, he says ending the war in iraq was tragic. i said we'd end that war and we did. i said we'd take out bin laden, and we did. >> usa! usa! >> today all of our troops are out of iraq. we are bringing them home from afghanistan. and as long as i'm commander in chief, we will serve our veterans as well as they served us, veterans like lucas who got his education thanks to post 9/11 gi bill because nobody who fights for this country should have to fight for a job or an education or a roof over their heads when they come home. that's what's at stake in this election. onn onner -- on issue after issue, iowa, romney and ryan will take us back. it's a story of americans moving forward. and soon you'll get a chance to choose a path that will actually lead to a better future. but over the next two months, the other side will spend more money than we have ever seen on ads that basically tell you the same thing they told you at the convention -- the economy is not doing good and it's obama's fault. they know their economic plan is impossible. go figure that raising taxes on middle-c
in iraq was "tragic." i said we'd end that war -- and we did. [applause] i said we'd take out bin laden -- and we did. [applause] >> u-s-a! u-s-a! u-s-a! >> today, all of our troops are out of iraq. we are bringing them home from afghanistan. and as long as i'm commander-in- chief, we will serve our veterans as well as they served us -- [applause] -- veterans like lucas, who got his education thanks to the post- 9/11 gi bill -- because nobody who fights for this country should have to fight for a job or an education or a roof over their heads when they come home. [applause] that's what's at stake in this election. on issue after issue, iowa, governor romney and congressman ryan will take us backwards. but the story of america is about moving forward. and soon you'll get a chance to choose a path that will actually lead to a better future. but over the next two months, the other side will spend more money than we have ever seen on ads that basically tell you the same thing they told you at the convention -- the economy is not doing good and it's obama's fault. [laughter] they know their
, oftentimes, it is loord is immune to the sanks because they have access to resources, we saw in iraq in the days of saddam hussein. but hypotheticalally, with a second president obam term, there are those, especially on the israeli side who believe that that administration, the next administration, if it is headed up by the current commander in chief, would take a harsher line dpeans the israelis to dissuade them from taking out the iran nuclear program. do you agree with that argument? >> i think that's likely. i take it as a piece of evidence, the famous open microphone conversation between president obama and then russian president medvedev. saying, once i'm free, i can return to my natural inclinations. and the hostility of the obama administration's policy toward israel, generally, but particularly on iran, i think would increase in a second obama term. that would leave israel even more alone, as it faces the existential threat of iran potentially with nuclear weapons. >> bill: it was clear where the delegates for the republicans in tampa stood. when he delivered that line, it w
. president has gotten us out of iraq. s we getting us out of afghanistan. we've got free trade agreements in latin america we have a president that brilliantly dealt with the situation in libya, with the arab spring. we have solid relations with china and russia. we're competitive with both. but we're not going to be like governor romney who says on his first day he's going to start a trade war with china. and our biggest geopolitical foe is russia. just those words as enervating and putting a lot of people nervous. i think what this president has done is restored our prestige abroad. we're leaders but we're collaborating with other nations. nato, europe, we're all tackling this economic crisis internationally together. outreach to the third world, to africa, asia, latin america. the president is not running overseas, but everywhere you go, all around the world-- and i travel a lot-- the international community wants to see this president re-elected. obviously, we've got to do it here. >> schieffer: all right, well, i want to thank all of you. >> thank you, bob. >> schieffer: we'll be bac
in camps across jordan, lebanon, iraq, and turkey. nick robertson is on the turkish syrian border this morning. good morning. how bad is the refugee crisis becoming? >> reporter: the turkish government say they're struggling to handle it. there are thousands of refugees stuck on the syrian side of the border. the turkish authorities won't allow them across. they already have 80,000 refugees here. they're building three more camps that should be ready in the next few weeks that will house another 30,000 refugees. part of the problem for the turkish authorities, though, is they have almost 20,000 refugees in schools and government buildings. the schools here restart in a couple of weeks. so half that new capacity will be taken up by existing refugee here. the concern is if they open the borders to freely allow syrians across the border, more and more people will flock across. what we're seeing is people driven to the borders when their villages are bombed. the free syrian army are telling us they can sort of create safe areas on the ground to stop military forces attacking by ground
or won that didn't come home from iraq. it's the empty chair of a woman working two shifts because she doesn't have flex time. who will provide that for her? it's the empty chair of a grandfather with alzheimer's who's in a home because the family can't manage him. >> i wonder, do democrats have an advantage after hearing from the republicans said, in now being able to shape their own message? >> president obama gets to spend that week trying to fill clint eastwood's empty chair. the reference to foreign policy, almost non-existent. the president has an advantage there. only one of the two candidates is currently the commander in chief. >> as you saw this weekend, the white house releasing the behind-the-scenes images of their micro brewed beer there. a let of political strategists suggesting there's micro targeting going on. >> a beer is not just a beer, david. when it comes to politics, everyone knows that the key voters in this election will be white, working class voters. both sides having trouble relating to them. a clear message from obama, i am one of you, ready to sit on the ch
the alternative. the alternative is we go back to the world of 2008. remember iraq? remember the global financial crisis? we didn't build that. so that's how you come back to that. >> this is nate koehn's point. i love the new republic this week, if you look at it this direction it's republicans and this direction democrats. which cracks me up. we have the great piece, which says the charlotte strategy, obama must find his inner bush and makes this claim that -- the story line, when you are running as an incumbent in a tough situation is you have to make the other guy seem scarier and they have done a pretty good job on that with sort of vilifying romney around bain and the idea that he would, after all, leave you behind. >> it's been easy, hasn't it? it's not been a difficult job outlining that monologue. the president needs to highlight his own accomplishments. i want to see him stand up and talk about that we had 28 months of job growth. 4.4 million jobs have been creaked. the fact that we had two straight years of manufacturing growth. the lilly ledbetter act, pell grant, g.i. bills. he needs
not say we thank our young men and women over in iraq and afghanistan. >> chris: kristen. >> the jobs numbers is overstated . people are much more in tune. they don't need people to tell them there are not enough jobs. they know that. and one thing i wouldn't undermest estimate is bill clinton it is much more anticipatedine more than obama or romney. and i wouldn't underestimate the good house keeping seal of approval from bill clint and the affect. >> how is good house keeping? >> that is remarkable. because you look at these two presidents who took the early jectory and similar. big health and ambitious and health care programs and in clinton's case never passed and a wash out in the midterm election bill clinton made the opposite decision of how to react than barak obama. bill clinton turned to the center and worked with the republicans and made concessions like budgary tax matters and all of the things barak obama has refused to do clinton by this time up for election, it was moving and it was pretty strong and he won over whelmingly. it was nothing like the kind of trouble this p
home from this war by the end of this month. he said that ending the war in iraq was tragic. i think it was the right thing to do and i said i would do it and we did. i said we would take out bin laden and we did. we are bringing our troops home from afghanistan. and i set a time table we will have them out of there by 2014. governor romney doesn't have a time table. i think he is wrong. that is what is at stake in this election. as long as i'm commander in chief we will serve our veterans as well as they served us because nobody who serves us should have to fight for a job or a roof over their heads when they come home. >> the president of the united states at the university of colorado in boulder, colorado to apparently a very supportive crowd talking about ending the war in afghanistan to trying to secure jobs especially for veterans and talking about obama care saying he actually likes the name because yes he does care. our athena jones is traveling with the president there in boulder, colorado. let's talk about that youth vote. we are talking about a rally constituted mostly of
and women who fought over there in afghanistan and iraq. i think that was a mistake. >> chris: kirsten? >> on the jobs numbers i think it is a little overstated the effect. i think people are much more in tune with how they feel about things. they don't need anybody to tell them there aren't enough jobs. they already know that. one thing i would not underestimate is bill clinton's speech. it is the most anticipated speech more than even obama's or romney's was according could pugh. i wouldn't underestimate the good house keeping seal of approval from bill clinton and the effect it has on voters. >> good house keeping. [ laughter ] >> that is so remarkable. because you you look at these two presidents who took the early trajectory of whose administrations were quite similar. big ambitious healthcare programs and in clinton's case never passed and big washout in the mid term election and bill clinton made the opposite decision of how to react to that from the one barack obama made. made a big turn to the center and worked with the republican ares and made concessions like mad. all the th
the invasion of iraq. now they are calling for two leaders to be prosecuted in the conflict. >>> the serious allegations now under investigation at clark atlanta university. >> first, we will give you a live look outside. >> this is 880 in oakland. don't forget out at the coliseum. expect slowing there as you drive by this afternoon. the clock said 8:12. you are watching "mornings on 2". n. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prep
in 2006 the democrats very successfully nationalized that election, a lot around the iraq war and opposition to the iraq war and a feeling of exhaustion. let's say everyone at this table wins and we have a democratic majority in both houses. what is the agenda? kirsten, when you say to the foekz in your district, i'm going to go to congress and if you put democrats in charge, we will do -- what's the fill in the blank there? >> well, chris, you know, when we're walking and talking with voters in our district what we say is the only way to change washington is to change the people we send there. unfortunately, from arizona, we have been sending a delegation that is more interested in partisan bickering than actually solving problems. i'll tell you, chris, voters are concerned about one thing and one thing only in arizona, jobs. one-third of arizonans are worried they can lose their jobs some time this year. they wake up in the morning and they don't really think about being a democrat or being a republican. they think about whether or not they're going to have their job. whethe
those which have been most markedly during the period i was very close to him. iraq was the most illiterate person i ever met in terms of constructing his own identity and his achievements -- his achievement was an achievement of identity in the modern world. first the shift from not international to american, then not white, but black. >> host: mauch mood was a group of pakistani friends that barack had been started in occidental and going to new york. he made friends with several pakistanis who came to occidental and and a shared to an internationalist perspective, which he had lived in indonesia and his mother was buried and he was neither black nor white. he was searching for himself and he was comfortable with these guys. so when he got to new york, some of his pakistani friends had moved they are and their friends were there. he was at columbia law school. and it's true. i mean, obama moved to new york to be closer to harlem and to find his blackness, but it did happen today. president obama but i interview to the oval office he made no lasting effort during his four years
madison and the war of 1812 to george w. bush and iraq. one of the centers of this book is abraham lincoln and the civil war. the thing about lincoln is that the experience of america during those years in the largeness of the man, you know, you almost might think is there anything further to be said about abraham lincoln. there always is. both because of the lessons we can take away from his life experience and his presidency, and also because new sources still turn up from time to time. coming to a place like this, as a historian, you are trying to repeat and give a real sense of what the president's experience was. in this case, abraham lincoln and the civil war. because you can come here to this house, where he spent so much time as a president, you can go into the room where he woke up in the morning. can see the sights he saw while looking outside. you can hear a lot of this sounds that are very similar to what he would've heard at the time. this is my favorite room in the house. which is the library. for a couple of reasons. one is that you really get a sense, perhaps more than some
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)

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